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Chris Louis is a self-taught visual artist of Haitian descent based in Canada, working within the realm of primitive neo-expressionism.


His work is an encapsulation and a byproduct of his creative outbursts. An orchestrated hijacking, ridding him of hesitation. Allowing him to regurgitate his thoughts and feelings freely, without inhibition.

Painting for him is less a matter of technique or technical skill than it is a way of interpreting the world through energy exchange.

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SUPER DOPE, The Exchange, Niagara Falls [2024]

PROTOTYPE, The Exchange, Niagara Falls [2024]

SELF TITLED, SandBox Studios, Hamilton [2023]

PURE PERSONA, Ironwood Cider House, Niagara-on-the-Lake [2023]

NF NIGHT OF ART, Niagara Falls History Museum, Niagara Falls [2022]

CANVASES & CAVIAR, Jackson Triggs Winery, Niagara-on-the-Lake [2022]

070 SHAKE ''YOU CAN'T KILL ME'' LIVE PAINTING, Universal Music Canada, Toronto [2022] 

LATE TO THE PARTY, Niagara Falls Art Gallery, Niagara Falls [2022]

NF ART SHOW, OPG Gallery, Niagara Falls [2021]




When there are no constructs, the uninhibited spirit flourishes.

Painting is like playing the piano. Colours are like the keys. And the artist, is the hand that presses on those keys to make the soul vibrate.

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